What Is Bio FUE Hair Transplant?

If you are looking for better ways to improve your hair growth, consider reading about Bio FUE hair transplant.

Traditionally, grafts are used to increase the hair density on the patchy areas of the head. Still, in Bio FUE, along with the grafts, a growth serum is used, that strengthens hair follicles and makes sure that the hairs grow healthier and shinier.

‘What is the serum made of?’ Could that be what you are thinking now? Well, read on.

Bio FUE uses a technology that uses human cells’ ability to renew and grow, mainly in the embryonic stage. The type of cell germination has proven useful in helping hair grow and improve its strength. The technology also satisfies the quest for permanent hair growth solutions.

Bio FUE hair transplant is often held as modified hair transplants and works excellent for the donor area. Usually, extracting grafts from the donor areas in FUT (Follicular Unit Transfer) gives rise to scars, but in BIO FUE, scarring is prevented since single hair grafts are extracted.

What is the technique used by Bio hair transplants?

The grafts extracted for Bio-FUE hair implants are stored in a solution that contains biostimulation growth factors (PRP). These growth factors also help the donor area heal faster and also promotes hair growth rate. In addition, the density of uncultivated hair is influenced by these growth hormones.

Regenerative cells are transplanted into the FUE donor area for quick recovery and growth of the hair that remains in the area. These method helps for the quick healing and speedy recovery. Hair follicles get their strength back. no scarring is the plus point of this technique. It also makes the procedure less complicated and safer.

What to do before you get a Bio FUE hair transplant?

Bio FUE hair transplant is the latest and best-known hair transplant technique that gets excellent results and satisfies the customer’s quest for good hair growth. It is known to offer permanent results as well. Local anaesthesia will be used in the procedure for the utmost comfort of the patient.

Before the bio FUE hair transplant procedure, the following steps are to be performed:

Blood from the patient is extracted and poured into the PRP kit. The kit is then placed for centrifugation, and regenerative cells are collected.
After the surgeon performs hair extraction from the donor area, the hair follicles are dipped into the procured regenerative solution to improve resistance and survival rate.
These hair follicles are then transplanted into the affected scalp that goes in the right direction and angle for natural-looking results.
The extracted regenerative cells are injected directly into the targeted site to speed up healing and improve hair growth.

Benefits of Bio FUE hair transplant surgery:

  • Gets you good hair density.
  • Hair growth rate and good coverage on the scalp.
  • Damaged cells get a new lease of life, and hair growth systems are revived.
  • The scalp is healed quickly after surgery.
  • Results are permanent and of better quality.

Let’s talk about Bio FUE cost:

  • Of course, money matters are the biggest limiting factors, but at times you can look this over for the greater good. Good hair means improved confidence and self-awareness.
  • Bio FUE hair transplant procedure is a very sophisticated and delicate procedure where individual hair grafts are extracted. The procedure is more than just extraction and transplantation of hair follicles. The regenerative cells need to be procured first and exposed to hair follicles for better growth. There are several underlying factors like the number of follicles to be extracted and the size of the area to be filled.

“Is the Bio FUE transplant technique better than the FUT technique?” is a question that could cross your mind if you are more aware of the other hair transplant procedures.

Bio FUE gives a better texture and dense hair when compared to the FUT technique. It is also more cost-effective than the latter and hence much in demand. Bio FUE also doesn’t yield many scars and improves the healing time of the donor area. Recover is quick and effective with less to zero complications.

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